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About Anna.

Anna's childhood single minded love of fashion and dressing up led her to pursue a career in fashion and design. 

Anna completed six years of study in fashion design with a first class honours degree from Edinburgh College of Art and graduated with an MA from the Royal College of Art in 1995. Her first job as a fashion designer was working for Karl Lagerfeld in Paris, after which she worked in Italy for MaxMara and Valentino. Returning to London she then worked for Amanda Wakeley and has consulted on design for various brands.

In 2003 Anna set up Maison Mason, a full-service personal styling and shopping business.

In 2012, she established her collection under her own name as Anna Mason. 

Anna was eventually inspired to start her label after making pieces for herself that led to her being stopped by other women and asked where she had bought them. Today, many of her loyal customers report the very same experience when wearing Anna Mason.


About Anna Mason London.

Anna Mason clothes are feminine, wearable and timeless. Classic yet modern, with a romantic nod to the past, they have a youthful attitude that is relevant to the lifestyles of women today.

With the needs the modern woman and her real life situations in mind, Anna's clothes offer authentic day to day dressing solutions for the here and now that become 'go to' wardrobe favourites. 

Each season the collection has a distinct, directional silhouette that flatters and frames in a unique colour palette, using classically beautiful fabrics. 

Where possible Anna uses British fabrics and this remains constant season to season.

Nonchalantly elegant and slyly modest you will always be effortlessly well dressed in Anna Mason 

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Sustainability has always been a core value for Anna Mason. It guides what we do every day. As we grow as a company, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact and acting as a sustainable business that contributes positively to the world.

Slow fashion.

Our clothes are the very opposite of disposable fashion. We create beautifully made, stylish and luxurious pieces that are designed to fit and flatter the wearer so that they are worn again and again.

This ethos was established from the very beginning, when Anna set out to make clothes that women would cherish as outfits that worked for their individual shape and size, filled the gaps in their wardrobe and were suitable for everyday life as well as special occasions.

By operating on a made to order basis, Anna only ordered the fabrics and materials she needed to make the items ordered, while creating garments that were made to last. 

As the business has grown and included ready to wear stock, care has been taken to retain the same ethos, by creating clothes that are designed to fit, flatter and last the wearer.

Stock is carefully controlled, and we deliberately avoid the ‘Sale culture’ that constantly seeks to shift older stock in order to usher in the new. Anna Mason outfits stand the test of time. While we introduce new styles and fabrics each season, many thematic elements endure, such as with our Classics range, and we celebrate how any item can be worn multiple times and multiple ways.

Avoiding waste.

We treat fabrics and materials as a precious resource and our designs and pattern cutting leave the very minimum offcuts. By working with highly experienced production partners, this avoidance of waste is carried through our entire production process. Where possible we use offcuts in other ways, such as to create accessories like our fabric hairbands.

Seeking ecological gains in fabrics & materials.

As well as using fabrics and materials sparingly to avoid waste, we are working with our suppliers to find materials that use less resources in their production. Innovations in fabric production and dyeing are offering better choices, such as with organically produced cotton, or by reducing the temperatures and volumes of water used processing and dyeing, as well as using dyes and chemicals derived from natural sources such as vegetables rather than oil by-products. We are working with our suppliers to introduce these ecological gains as soon as they become available and affordable for our customers.


Minimising our Carbon Footprint.

Most of our production takes place in Poland and involves regular shipments of materials to our suppliers, as well as the made items being shipped back to us or our wholesale partners. We constantly strive to group shipments together and to use both legs of any shipment journey to minimise our carbon footprint. We apply the same approach when arranging deliveries to our clients and think about how to minimise our carbon impact when considering any collaboration or venture.

Keeping & Developing Skills.

Our production partners in our London atelier and in Poland employ rare skills and experience in making such sophisticated, high quality clothes. We work with our partners to keep these skills alive and develop them in individual team members, so that these much-valued capabilities remain. We also seek out other skills and capabilities in the UK and elsewhere, wherever we can employ them cost-effectively for our customers. 

Valuing & Developing our Employees.

From the newest intern to Anna herself, we recognise that fair and respectful working practices, personal development and lifelong learning are integral to retaining the best people in a sustainable business. Our interns are supported and mentored during their time with us and our London-based employees receive at least the London Living Wage. All the team are supported in their professional development through proper assessment and support as we grow together as a company.

Overall, we live by our core value, #LoveAnnaMason: for us this is as much about us showing love and care for the world and the people whose lives we touch as it is about every customer treasuring her Anna Mason clothes.


Photography of Anna by Jonathan Glynn-Smith